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Who we are

At Tina Shaw Coaching our passion and purpose is to, inspire motivate and empower people and organizations to communicate effectively so all can feel , valued, appreciated, and heard! WE want to make a positive lasting impression that will motivate positive transformation.

We specialize in providing coaching and leadership education workshops to organizations, groups and individuals to help them develop the skills they need to take their career, relationships, and life to the next level.

The Coaching Spirit
1. Believe in Human Potential for Greatness
2. Fulfilment Flows from Adding Value to Others
3. Bring Out the Best in People and Let Them Lead
4. Use Influence Rather than Position
5. Thrive on Challenges and Flexibility
6. When We Grow Others, We Grow Ourselves

our team

  • Tina is a Relationship Success Coach who gives her clients hope, inspiration, courage and tools…

    Tina Shaw