Personal Growth Coaching.

Relationship Coaching.

I will coach you to be courageous, address your road blocks, fears, insecurities, beliefs, and move you forward to get what you desire and deserve in all areas of your life!

Why Hire a Coach?

Wanting to achieve more in your work and personal life? Are you wanting to enhance your relationships? Life coaching can get you there!

  • When you are searching for intimacy
  • When you desire to feel connected
  • When you want to communicate passionately with your partner
  • When you feel stuck in resistance or conflict
  • When you desire to make better choices
  • When you want to be healthy and feel alive
  • When you desire to be happy and feel peace
  • When you want to be fully engaged and thriving in your life
  • When what you say and what you do are not in alignment
  • When a project or issue needs to come into focus
  • When you feel alone and depressed
  • When you want more for yourself and have settled for less
  • When you have a goal and want an ally in your corner to get it done



7 steps for creating the life you want

Create the life you have always dreamed of with more balance and passion!

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Moving Forward
in Life

Starting on your journey to a more successful life? Start by enrolling today in TINA SHAW COACHING Seminar “Moving Forward In Life” INVEST IN YOU!!!

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Starting Life Fresh

Wondering where to start on your journey to a New Fresh Start? Start by enrolling today in TINA SHAW COACHING Seminar “Starting Life Fresh”

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