Tina is a Relationship Success Coach who gives her clients hope, inspiration, courage and tools (and the kick in the pants to make positive change in their lives).  She has high energy and enthusiasm for life that is contagious. She is full of compassion and enjoying lots of love, laughter, and adventure!

She has two handsome boys, who are 25 and 20. Tina has worked hard as a mother to build a firm foundation within herself and in her relationships with others, so she can provide teachable moments to show, self-worth, compassion, honesty, respect, trust, healthy boundaries, and unconditional love. Tina’s family has endured the hard times and have laughed and enjoyed the good times.

Tina began her career volunteering with addictions and teen pregnancy! She also enrolled with Child and Youth Care working with troubled teens and individuals with learning challenges.  As an adult learner Tina went back to school and received her Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction.   It was Tina's training as a Life Coach however that brought her to be able to find her passion for helping others live to be the best they can be.  Tina is a natural leader, sees the best in people, is quick to pick up their strengths and find their road blocks and is always pushing her clients to break through to success.

What does Tina Offer as A life Coach?

Tina brings a wealth of life experience as a Coach, mother and volunteer, as well as 20 plus years working with couples, families, and organizations  You will be empowered, supported, and challenged to stand for what has meaning and passion in your life. Tina has a solid foundation as a coach, mediator, and facilitator. She is a Professional Certified Life Coach who wants to serve you. If you want to learn the Life Strategies that Tina has implemented in her life and in the lives of many that see her strengths and passion for life and relationships then Connect with Tina today!

Top 3 reasons for you to choose Tina as your Life Coach:

1) The moment you commit to working with Tina, you set out to make positive change – I will help you connect to your true desires and get you clear on what you really want.

2) I will help you dream bigger than you can alone by helping you stop any negative thinking or limiting beliefs that may hold you back from going for your goals! This is an empowering experience and helps you take the inspired action required to help move you forward.

3) I allow you to be accountable to the challenges you set yourself, taking you outside of your comfort zone so that you can step into your true power and share more of yourself authentically with the world. I will be by your side to celebrate your success – helping you gain competence and confidence, and ensuring you keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

Professional Certified Life Coach
Personal Growth Coach
Relationship Success Coach
Motivational Speaker

Professional Certified Life Coach
Diploma of Excellence in Life Skills Coaching
Human Relations, Family Management
Relationship Training, Leadership Training

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